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Transform Your Sofa, Easy to Install, and Save Money

Thinking about spending another $300+ dollars on a new couch? Not anymore!

Transform your couch with these Sofa Pad seat covers and avoid paying for a new couch, or getting reupholstered. 

Make your sofa look brand new, indoor or outdoor.


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Your Kid and Pet-Friendly Sofa Cover

Sofa Pad's anti-dust feature keeps dog hairs away from your sofa. It doesn't stick, making it easy to clean.

And if kids spill on your sofa, Sofa Pad's waterproof texture makes it easy for you to clean and doesn't seep into your couch...as long as you quickly clean your stains.

Plus, it's easy to wash and doesn't destroy your fabric.

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Full Water-Resistant

Many of our Sofa Covers are actually water-resistant, preventing any water to not go through for a limited time.

Simply look for the products that have "Water-Resistant" in the title. Those are the water-resistant covers for you.

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What Our Customers Have To Say!

  • "Great customer service and quick shipping. The product is of very good quality. Definitely will buy again!"

    Elevera B.

  • “Good covers. The quality resembles a terry towel, especially with closer consideration!”


  • “They are a perfect fit. Plus, they have faster shipping than most other online stores you find on social media.”

    Pearline W.

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