We'll be out of stock after Sunday, Dec 18, 2022. Here's why...

Why will be out of stock of our sofa covers?

A few reasons:

1. Not enough inventory for the Holiday season

2. We're changing our manufacturers/warehouse to ensure more reliable and faster shipping.

3. Although there we have more happy customers than unhappy customers, the percentage of unhappy customers is too high for our company. This is due to products arriving too late, not being the right size, not matching colors, etc.

This is because of the manufacturers/warehouses we work with. As a result, we'll selling the rest of our inventory until Sunday, Dec 18, 2022.

After that, we will be out of stock until further notice!

However, if you already have an order with us, you can still check the status by clicking on the blue bubble icon on the bottom-right of this page, or by contacting us.

Thanks for letting us add sofa covers to your home.

- The Sofa Pad Team

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