Here's How to Order Your Sofa Covers...

Note: If you're on a desktop or laptop computer, you can view your product in a new tab to look at both of these pages at the same time.

These steps are also on every product page as you definitely can't miss this!

Here are the video versions:

1. How to measure your sofa covers (video from one of our customers):

2. How to pick and order your sofa covers (video):

3. How to measure and choose your "full size" covers (video):

And here's the text version:

step 1. - Choose your color!

First things first. When you arrive at a product page, select the color that works best for you. Note: Colors differ depending on the product.

step 2. - Click on the Size Chart

Under the "Single Cushion Size" section, click on the Size Chart. This is where you'll know the sofa cover size you need to get.

step 3. - Measure your individual cushions

Here's where you whip out your tape measure and get the Width (W), Length (L), and Height (H) of the individual cushions you want to cover. Then, match your measurements with the included sizes to find your size.

step 4. - Select size, quantity, and add to cart!

Once you figured out the size you need, select that size, the quantity you need, and add it to cart. If you need multiple sizes, select those other sizes, and add to cart again!

And that's it!

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